If you are struggling with:


the Hype

Separating the real potential of AI from inflated claims and exaggerations is difficult.


Lack of Foundational Knowledge

Get a basic "101 AI" level understanding of what AI is, how it works, and its capabilities can be challenging for newcomers.


the First Step

Figuring out practical ways to begin exploring and utilizing AI can seem daunting.

We are here to help:

At Exponential Coaching International, we are more than just consultants; we are the catalysts for transformative change, driving organizations towards a future where digital prowess and exponential growth are not just goals, but realities.

Let us provide you with the missing link:

Data-informed processes > Data foundation > Data Strategy

Our Solution: Unlocking the Value of Your Data

Your Path to Artificial Intelligence Readiness and Exponential Growth​

Future proof your business with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Level 1: Turbo-charge your Productivity

Increased Transparency and Accountability

By mapping out current workflows and transforming them into well-defined processes with clear ownership, your organization benefits from greater transparency and accountability. Every process has measurable outcomes, assigned responsibilities, and traceable data flows.

Enhanced Data-Informed Decision Making

By identifying wastes, and redesigning processes to be leaner, you can streamline operations across the organization. This systematic approach eliminates wasteful activities, redundancies, and bottlenecks, leading to significant cost reductions, leading to dashboards fostering data-informed decision making (DIDM).

Level 2: Intelligent Automation through Data & Artificial Intelligence​

Increase Operational Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence and automation can streamline and optimize processes, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate inefficiencies, leading to significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Generate a Competitive Advantage

Harnessing the power of data, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence allows you to gain a strategic edge over competitors who are slower to adopt these technologies, enabling innovation and market disruption.

Level 3: Unlock Exponential Growth​

Boost your Scalability & Adaptability

AI and algorithmic systems can rapidly scale and adapt to changing market conditions, enabling your business to remain agile and responsive in dynamic environments.

Promote New Business Models

By uncovering hidden insights and opportunities within your data, you can identify new product offerings, services, or business models, opening up previously untapped revenue channels.


Jean Louis, Fabrizio and their team – wow! After a 7-week A.I. sprint our team at Olympus Group, better understands the world of A.I. & how to leverage data, has a roadmap, built internal expertise and we are taking some immediate action to help accelerate our journey. It was like a turbo-charged kick-start to prepare our business for the future.
Brian Adam
President, Owner at Olympus Group
The 7-week AI sprint conducted by Exponential Coaching International significantly transformed our approach to AI, converting existing workflows into streamlined processes. This initiative has been foundational in establishing a solid data strategy and preparing us for future AI deployments. As a company new to AI, these steps were crucial in helping us identify areas of waste, evaluate our current processes, and lay the groundwork for AI-supported operations, setting us on a path toward operational excellence and innovation.
Roberto Icaza
Co-Founder, President & COO at Rapido Solutions Group
I cannot express the wealth of information I've taken away from this experience, and it's likely been one of the most transformative experiences in my career and I know that I'll be leveraging what we've learned for decades to come
Maxwell Handrow
Digital Marketing Specialist at Olympus Group

Automation & AI Roadmap Canvas

Structured Steps to Innovation & Disruption

We are excited to introduce the AI & Automation Roadmap Canvas – a strategic management tool designed to help organizations deploy intelligent automation and AI. We developed this visual canvas to guide teams through seven specific steps critical for implementation success.

    Download Cavas

    Automation & AI Readiness Canvas (Full)

    Our Services

    Through a combination of intensive workshops, sprints, and ongoing coaching, clients are equipped with the knowledge and tools to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their business models, optimize processes, and develop edge initiatives for exponential growth and self-disruption.

    AI Sprint - 7 Days
    7-Week Sprint

    Our Sprint extends AI short-term implementation to foster long-term, sustainable growth through continuous innovation and strategic agility. We equip your organization with the tools and mindset necessary to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

    A Cross-functional Team (4-6 people)
    Your Process Mapping & Optimization
    Data Strategy Design & Implementation
    AI integration Initiatives
    Edge Initiatives
    New Business Models
    90 minutes AI Awake
    90-Minute Workshop

    We begin by building a solid foundation of AI knowledge within your organization. Through interactive workshops and expert-led sessions, we demystify AI technologies, dispel myths, and foster a culture that embraces Data & AI as a strategic asset.​

    Unlimited Participants
    Data-Informed Culture
    Opportunities & Threats
    Remote and In-person
    Lectures and Exercises
    Make your first step in AI
    1 day workshop
    1-Day Workshop

    Underpinning our approach is a strong emphasis on process optimization and the formulation of a robust data strategy. We guide your teams in transforming workflows into well-defined, measurable processes aligned with specific goals and KPIs.

    Unlimited Participants
    AI & Data Literacy for Your Organization
    Specific & Measurable Outcomes Definition
    Wastes Identification and KPIs
    AI & Automation to Improve Efficiency
    Generate 1 Innovation Iniative
    4 days workshop
    4-Day Workshop

    We identify in your own organization specific processes , tasks, or use cases where AI can be seamlessly integrated to generate immediate value. This involves piloting AI solutions assessing their performance, and ensuring your are ready to support these localized AI implementations.

    2 Teams Max (4-6 people each)
    Practical Exercises & structured optimization
    Design & Optimize Your Own Processes
    Data Mappging
    Generate Multiple AI Initiatives
    Innovation and Disruption Opportunities

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