Select Your Processes

Determining the best processes to target for automation and improvement is a key strategic decision.

The "Education" formula provides a helpful framework for evaluating processes based on the potential value created for your business. As you assess each process, consider the following key criteria:


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Expand Margins

Will automating this process lead to reduced operating costs and improved profit margins? Processes that have the biggest potential to expand margins through cost savings are strong candidates.

Drive Sales

Will automating this process allow us to increase sales throughput and revenue? Any process that directly impacts your ability to generate more sales should be highly prioritized.

Unleash Cash Flow

Will automating this process free up working capital by improving invoice generation, collections, or payments? Improving cash flow allows you to better utilize your financial resources.


Does automating this process allow our business to deliver new products, services or capabilities to customers? New capabilities can be a source of competitive differentiation and advantage.

Alleviate Risks

Does automating this risky manual process help improve compliance, data security and quality? Mitigating major business risks through automation also provides significant value.


Will automating this process allow us to speed up new product launches or response times? Faster time-to-market for products and services is often a key driver of business growth.

Improve Retention

Can automating this customer-facing process improve satisfaction and loyalty? Automating processes that directly impact customer experience critical for retaining customers.

Optimize Experience

Does automating this process simplify complex interactions for customers/employees? Positive experiences for both customers and employees should be an important area of focus.

Necessitate Change

Is automating this outdated process crucial for your business transformation objectives? Supporting key strategic goals through modernization of legacy processes and systems.

Have You Identified Your Top Processes?

By evaluating each process through the lenses of the Education formula, you can determine where to start your automation and process improvement efforts for maximum impact.